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فرقة مسرح اجيال ، الفرقة العربية الأمريكية الاولى في شمال اميركا. تأسست في ميشيغان عام ١٩٨٨ وقدمت عبر السنيـن العديد من الأعمال المسـرحيـة

The AJYAL Theatrical Group, under the direction of its founder, Najee Mondalek was founded in Michigan in 1988 and has successfully toured many cities in USA, Canada, Australia & Lebanon. It is the first Arab-American theatrical group to "take the show on the road" and perform for Arab-American audiences in those cities.

Most of AJYAL Theatrical Group' shows poke fun at the everyday lives of Arab-Americans, who have recently become citizens and who are desperately trying to blend into the mainstream of American culture. The plays serve as a forum to help people laugh at their mistakes and mishaps but also to come to terms with social issues facing Arab-Americans, such as their difficulties adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle. These performances, like music, art and other entertainment media, are an important piece of the fabric of Arab-American culture.


  • To provide quality Arabic theater, arts, and cultural experiences for the Arab immigrants around the world.

  • To support the development of a regional Arabic arts community through education, advocacy and the creation of works of high visibility.

  • To collaborate with human and social services organizations that wish to use the performing arts to address issues of their concern.

  • To provide quality entertainment at affordable prices for the Arab-American communities.


تقديم أعمال مسرحية مميزة، مسلية، هادفة للمهاجرين العرب في جميع انحاء العالم، والتعاون مع الجمعيات والمنظمات ومؤسسات الخدمات الاجتماعية التي ترغب في استخدام فنون المسرح لمعالجة القضايا التي تهم هذه الجماعات

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